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Les Rochers de Naye

At 2045 metres above sea level, the Rochers de Naye offers a grand view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful viewing stations in Switzerland - easily accessable and only an hour away by mountain railway!

Discover the peak of this mountain with your family and enjoy the unique attraction "Marmot Paradise". Where, as the name implies, the little rodents have a magical habitat. In seven parks with free entrance to the public, you can view European, American and Asian marmots.
An Information Centre provides more information about the marmots, or ground hogs: you can learn about the 14 various species. You'll be amazed by the cute little creatures through exhibits, films and games. Look through holes and cameras to see how they build underground.

On the Rochers de Naye, you will have an amazing natural experience - like a theatre of nature! Enjoy a Mongolian Jurte with friends, family or colleagues at over 2000 metres and under a starry sky in glorious natural surroundings...

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Regional Pass

  • 5 nights at the Golf-Hotel in a double room
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