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    Without a doubt, Geneva is the most cosmopolitan city in Switzerland.
    The elegant capital city of the Geneva Canton is also headquarters to many international organisations - the United Nations and the International Red Cross - and it has more than 40 museums and an amazing selection of cultural events.

    The museums in Geneva will take you on a journey through time and culture. Visit the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Mamco) in an industrial building built in the 1950s. The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum warms the heart with the history of the first humanitarian organisation in the world. And don't miss out on the Patek Phillipe Museum with unique exhibits of watches and enamel miniature collections.

    During your holidays, take a refreshing look at the town landmark: the fountain in Lake Geneva (Jet d'Eau) shoots 140m high out of the lake! And on land, the Gothic Cathedral Saint Pierre is like a jewel in the old town centre, and its archaeological excavation site is fascinating.

    Another special attraction is the International Automobile Salon in Geneva, which opens its doors to the public each March. Take the chance to view innovations in design and technology from the largest automobile manufacturers in the world.

    Geneva is known as a rich city with its many banks and watch manufacturers. This large, worldly metropolis is perfect for shopping in the exclusive boutiques, exquisite shopping centres and luxurious shops.
    The parks and green areas invite you to relax and unwind. In the city, along the lake and through the old town centre, you can enjoy simply walking and enjoying the splendid atmosphere.