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The History of Golf Hotel René Capt

In 1869 ...

... owner Georges Breuer built his first hotel. The hotel, known as Hotel Breuer, was demolished in 1883 and replaced by the current building. The hotel was built in the city's "modern" architectural style - a classical architectural style popular at the time. When you look at the building, you can see from the style that the architect, as well as the owner, were German.

At the end of 1880, Montreux's first lift was installed in the hotel. In about 1907, Monsieur Edouard Dickmann enhanced the hotel's beauty with stained glass windows in plant and floral motives. The wonderful stained glass artwork can still be viewed today in the main restaurant.

In 1913, the hotel had 130 beds and was known for its friendly atmosphere. In the years 1923 and 1924, after several important renovations, the name of the hotel was changed to "Golf-Hotel". From then until Monsieur René Capt bought the hotel in the early 1940s, there are very few hotel records.

As the previous director had a contract with the hotel, Monsieur René and Madame Frieda Capt were first able to take over the direction of the hotel on the 1st of July 1941. The hotel was completely "cleaned out". Madame Frieda Capt remembered, that everywhere she looked there were holes and markings from pictures and cabinets that were no longer there.

From then on the couple undertook a lot of important renovation work, such as the completion of the balconies on the southern side of the building. At the time the Golf-Hotel was the only hotel in the region in which each room had an ensuite bathroom. In 1962, a new building with 12 more hotel rooms was added to Rue Bon Port 35.

From 1962 to 1989 more improvements were made, such as the new lifts and fire alarms. The hotel was again renamed: "Golf-Hotel René Capt".

... and Today

Since 1995 there have been many renovations made to the hotel. The hotel entrance was remodelled for the first time (it is an important entrance to the Salon) and all of the hotel rooms and bathrooms were completely renovated.

But the renovations didn't stop there: a new bar was built, the restaurant was remodelled into a crescent-shaped banquet room with painted glass accents, and seminar and conference rooms with modern equipment and technology were also built. On the garden level 6 new rooms were added, making a total of 75 guest rooms.
In 2001, the hotel was awarded its 4th Star.

In December 2002, Monsieur René Capt passed away... in his memory, we continue to improve the hotel through renovations, thoughtful additions, continued improvements and wonderful service. Each year, the Family Capt places a high priority on improving our hotel and our service - we are willing to do anything and invest any amount of energy into ensuring our guests' comfort.

Monsieur René Capt lived to make a "home away from home" for his guests. The Capt Family and our team pay special attention to details and take care to treat our guests with respect and friendly hospitality.

That's what makes this hotel cosy - a warm atmosphere with friendly service to provide each guest with an individual and unforgettable holiday in Montreux.