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Famous wine-making region above Lake Geneva

Lavaux is a wine growing region in the Vaud Canton of Switzerland on the northernmost shore of Lake Geneva.

The Lavaux wine-growing region stretches between Lausanne and Chillon over more than 820 hectares - 21.42% of the whole wine-growing area in the Vaud Canton! Since the 12th Century internationally famous types of grapes have been grown. In Lavaux the most common type being the Gutedel (or Chasselas) grape.

The region is characterised by its terraced vineyards which the sun blesses with warmth and sun. The light and warmth comes not only directly from the suns rays but is also reflected from the lake and the stored in the stone walls too. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The wines of Lavaux have a distinct quality and enchant the taste-buds through their mineral, floral and fruity tones, plenty of harmony and elegant aftertaste.

In 2007 the Lavaux wine-growing region was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site.